Thursday, June 14, 2007

Night Out

Cody and I enjoyed a great dinner out last night in celebration of our anniversary. Traffic was awful on the way to pick up Cody and go to the restaurant, but once inside Hibiscus, my worries melted away. I had asked around for suggestions on where to eat, and Brooke suggested Hibiscus. I looked it up on and liked what I read. I am soooooo glad we chose it because dinner was fabulous. We started with the baked crab dip with wood oven-fired crackers. Creamy, yummy, good! For our entrees, Cody had salmon topped with a myriad of flavorful things like pesto, asparagus, and capers in a sauce so good I wanted to lick the plate. The salmon just melted in your mouth. I had an extremely flavorful bone-in sirloin that was one of the best tasting steaks I've ever experienced. There is a list of family-style sides to choose from. We got their famous deep dish mac and cheese and green beans. That sounds so plain, but it was not! The mac was so rich I could barely take more than two bites in a row. The green beans were the perfect texture, slightly sweet, and topped with candied pecans. For dessert, Cody had creme brulee and I ordered a banana split. That banana split was 10 inches long and 6 inches across. I am not exaggerating! (If I were Rachel, I would have had a handy mini measuring tape in my purse and could have confirmed this, but I think 10 by 6 is a safe estimate!) I could only eat half. It was topped with candied cashews. I don't even like cashews, but I was devouring these and thought they were a highlight of the meal. The waitress brought us complimentary champagne to toast our anniversary, and also subtracted one of the desserts from our check. Cody and I always celebrate our anniversary by eating dinner at a fancy restaurant instead of buying gifts for each other. This was probably the best anniversary meal we have shared. So I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to celebrate a special occasion.

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Heather said...

Glad you guys had a great night!! I will have to find an excuse to go eat sounds excellent!!