Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Ah, the good old days. Here is a photo of me and Cody that was taken the day before we flew home from London, in the fall of 1994. We had just started dating, and I didn't know if it was going to last once we returned to the states. We had been on a Harding University study abroad program for one semester. We were both sophomores, but had never met before this trip. We had vastly different interests and experiences, but for some reason we just clicked. I loved fine music and drama, hated math, went to bed late, enjoyed shopping and he was exactly the opposite. Well, he appreciated music and drama a tiny bit, but his main focus was basketball. He was pretty good too. Who knew that 13 years later we would be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary with dinner out while our three lovely children are shipped off to various caretakers? Even though we are opposites in many ways ( I confess, I am still not quite sure exactly what Cody does all day because it involves higher level math and physics skills that are beyond my comprehension), we are the same in the way we are committed to each other, our family, and God. And I guess when it boils down, that's what is really important.


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! I can tell it's wedding season because everyone is having their anniversary! Casey and I are thankful for your friendship and your example of marriage - hope you had fun celebrating!

Lynn said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope ya'll had a wonderful dinner and time together! I had to chuckle because I can relate so much to what you said because Steve and I are also direct opposites and I have told many that the only reason our marriage works is because of our Love for the Lord. It is the most important factor and me realizing I am here to serve Steve and he equally serves me and together we serve God. It makes everything else seem trivial.
May you and Cody have many, many more special days of celebration of the day the Lord brought you together as one in Him.

Elaine said...

love the picture! Happy Anniversary and congrats.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!