Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ava went to swimming lessons all last week and will continue this week. It is a special evening event because Cody takes her and gets in the water with her. However, it is one of the biggest paradoxes I've ever experienced in my life. Ava is totally excited about swim class every day. She can't wait to go. She begs to put her swimsuit on an hour before it's time to leave. She boasts about it to Nate (poor Nate...who wishes he was going to swim class too.) She leaves with a huge smile on her face. Then, Cody tells me that she screams, cries, is afraid, and upset every minute of class. She doesn't want to do any of the activities and is genuinely afraid to put her face under the water at all. She clings to his neck with a vice-like grip of fear. Class is over, they drive home, and she enters the house all smiles...bragging about the things she did at swim class. If Cody didn't tell me how she behaved there, I would think that she was loving every minute of it and the best, most adventurous student in the class. But, I know the truth. And I wonder why she is so happy before and after class if it causes her so much distress during?


Lindsay said...

That is hilarious. My mom, Jake and I are all rolling. Ava needs to be in acting I think! :)

Dara said...

It must be a performance for Nate. That is the only thing that seems to make sense with the situation. Quite the little actress you have there!

Emma tends to do the opposite with lessons. Sometimes she will whine and say she really doesn't want to go and that she doesn't like it (tears and all!), but we've paid for class!!! So I take her anyway, she will get to class and have a great time and do great! Afterwards, she just beams with excitement and tells of all she learned and how much fun she had and will have no recollection of the earlier whine production she made. Kids are sure funny!