Monday, July 2, 2007


Twenty years from now I'll probably tell boring stories about how Lucas' first summer on Earth was also the rainest summer I've ever experienced. My kids will roll their eyes behind my back and inwardly groan, "Here she goes again..." They will probably think I am exaggerating. (You know, like the one about walking to school uphill BOTH ways.) But it will be the truth! I could throw in something like, "It was sooo rainy, he learned to swim before he learned how to walk..." but they probably wouldn't buy that.
Which brings me to Ava's swimming lesson. I had to take her tonight because Cody is stuck in North Carolina (because of the rain, see I told you!) That swimming pool was so dang cold I thought I would freeze. I think some of her hysteria may be partly influenced by just being uncomfortably cold. I had to pretend like I was so happy and having such a fun time while secretly I was wondering if I had the beginning symptoms of hypothermia. The mother in me seriously rebelled against the idea of Ava getting into that water. I wanted to protect her from the sheer misery of it. I let the motherly side that really wants her to be tough and learn how to swim win out, but just barely.


Stephanie said...

So, did Cody make it back last night?

Lynn said...

I got in my pool for the first time in a week yesterday and it was so cold as well. It must just be the rain and cooler weather because last week when I was in it was nice and warm. Hope Ava can have some fun and successful time.