Thursday, June 7, 2007

PJ Update

Just for the record, since many have suggested I get back-up pairs of pj's...I DO have another pair for Ava. I was only searching for the satisfaction of finding the darn things. I hate it when something goes missing like her pj bottoms did, and it is hard for me to rest until I find them! Which, I did find them. Only after Cody's help. I called him and told him about the missing pj bottoms and he jokingly said, "She's not still wearing them, is she?" Ha ha ha ha ha...wait a minute. I pulled her pants down an inch and...YES! There they were. Ava and Cody and I all shared a good laugh.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

That is so funny, because that thought really did cross my mind.
Glad ya'll are home safe. Hope you had a good time.