Sunday, July 22, 2007

3 Sad Things

I know that I have nothing to complain about. I live in a comfortable home with my healthy family. My problems can't even compare to the suffering that goes on in the world. But, I am going to share three sad things that I've experienced recently, with the full knowledge that it could be much worse.

1. Our crepe myrtle trees are completely covered in icky scale disease. It's gross. They look bad. It might kill them.

2. I spilled the grape juice on my off-white skirt when I took communion this morning. I've been taking communion over 20 years now, people, and this is the first time I've ever spilled the grape juice. And I wish I could blame it on Lucas, but he was sitting in Cody's lap. I just dropped it. Plain and simple.

and now for the very worst thing:
3. My beautiful Mother's Day platter with the kids' handprints and Lucas' footprint fell today and broke into pieces. I wept like a child. I stood there sobbing until Cody physically removed me from the scene. Then I climbed the stairs on all fours and laid down at the top and sobbed those deep heaving sobs that leave a person feeling totally exhausted.


Stephanie said...

Oh Becky! I am so sorry about the plate! I know how much it meant to you.

Kristi said...

I am so sorry that the platter broke. I can imagine how heart breaking that would be.

Remember you are loved!

Lynn said...

I have always found it interesting how "bad" things seem to happen in clusters. I think if it is just one thing we rebound rather quickly and Satan cannot stand that so He just keeps on. I will pray that the Lord will reveal himself to you as the healer, and will give you the strength to go back to Quiggly's and recreate the experience. I know it won't be the same as the original, but hopefully it will still be a comfort. Praying for peace that passes all understanding.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the plate. I do know fairly well how much that meant to you. You really jumped through some hoops to get them made and you created 2 masterpieces. I want you to have the one you gave me. After all, you are the Mama and those little prints are with you every day. We can make another one for me sometime. I think there is a place in Flower Mound so can just do it sometime when you are out here. I can't stand the thought of you being so deeply sad over losing your plate. You are such a precious mama to my grandones! I want you to have mine. We WILL make another one for me!

Dallas Monkey said...

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