Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

I can't wait to get my Harry Potter book delivered tomorrow. It's surreal to think that the release date is finally here!

I would like to thank the person that decided to try putting chocolate and peanut butter together. Many good things have come from that. Many, many good things.

Not much is better than a baby giggling or a toddler initiating a hug.

I would like to shred every piece of paper in this house- I am sooo tired of piles of paper. I could shred everything, then create a huge pile of little crinkly paper strips in the backyard for the kids to jump into. That would be much better.

I am carrying so much tension in my shoulders, that sometimes I think they might actually snap in two. I don't know if it's from lack of sleep, carrying around an 18 pound baby all day, or just general stress...but I've got to do something about this.

And finally, my new favorite thing to eat is called Indulgent trail mix and can be found at Sam's or Walmart. Choc. chips, white choc. chips, dried cranberries, raisons, peanuts, almonds, and lots of other good stuff all combined!


Quad Squad! said...

18 lbs! How old is Lucas now? It doesn't seem like he's old enough to be so big!

Amberly said...

Oh man... that trail mix sounds awesome!! (Pretty much anything mixed with chocolate is going to be a hit!)

Harry Potter is all the rage in the mall today! The kids were excited when they saw a Filipino man dressed as Harry Potter this afternoon.