Thursday, July 19, 2007

Letting People Know

I'm trying to think of a way to word this so that it doesn't come across as a plea for recognition! A couple of weeks ago, I published my first edition of the women's newsletter at church and would you believe I have not gotten one bit of feedback (positive or negative) about it? It's almost as if it never existed, though I know I saw the copies in all the boxes.
This made me stop and think, "Did I ever let the previous editors of the newsletter know that I thought they did a great job?" I don't believe I ever did, even though I am madly in love with the newsletter and have appreciated every single issue. And now I know what it feels like to release something into silence. Perhaps it's a little old fashioned karma coming round, as Willie would put it. However, it has really got me thinking about all the opportunities I let slip by when I could praise someone for their good idea, hard work, service to others, and lots of other things I notice almost every day but often say nothing about. Instead of noticing quietly and going about my business, I am going to make a stronger effort to let people know. Even though I understand that many people (including myself) are going to keep on doing what they are doing whether or not they get any praise or recognition, one has to admit that it feels good to know that people appreciate something you have made an effort to produce or do. So let that be a lesson learned for me...and a reminder to us all to freely share encouragement with each other.


Kristi said...

You are so right! There are so many things that I just take for granted and foget to tell the people who do/organize them how much I enjoy and appreciate it. I too look forward to recieving the woman's newsletter.

You know, I am really impressed that you said what you did in your blog. I have a tendency to just keep stuff like that in and stew and stew! Not that I want people to say "Oh your so great because you did such and such", but you are right, it is nice to know that what you are doing is blessing people somehow!

Let me be the first to say how much the newsletter blesses me and how much I look forward to reading it! I also appreciate all the work that is done to put it out. Thank you for serving in this way :)

Brooke said...

I was upset when I got home that Sunday because I left mine at church, unread. I hope I get a chance to read your article. If only I can get my hands on one.

Lynn said...

You are right. We don't express thanks near enough. As a bible class teacher I was always amazed that parents very seldom said thanks. I thought it was interesting because I percieve parents do thank their children's school teachers and do small things for them at Christmas or teacher appreciation events. I tried one year just to have parents write a note of thanks and got less than 10% participation.
But neither did I give the previous editors of Aware my appreciation either. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have to admit I guess I did not read it closely enough this time to realize their had been a change in leadership. Sorry!! Hope God will bless you with joy in doing the newsletter.

Anonymous said...

100% agreement on that! I have edited several newsletters in years past for various groups and it wasn't any different. The quilt guild newsletter was 12 pages long and every month--it took up most of my time! Also did the women's church newsletter and it was only marginally better. I, too, am making an effort to tell people I come in contact with that I appreciate their efforts. Just yesterday I stopped at Taco Bueno for a salad when out doing errands. The same young man was in there making sure everything was clean and tidy. He always has a smile on his face and does his job with such pride. I had thought at other times I should tell someone what a good job he does as I'm sure it's pretty thankless. So this time on my way out I asked if a manager was there. I'm sure they were expecting I would complain but I surprised them by saying how I eat there often and this young man is so kind and does such a good job and thought he deserved special recognition. The manager smiled and thanked me and seemed to agree that he was a great employee. I hope she will let the young man know that he was recognized.

So keep up the good work, Becky. I am sure many people at RE appreciate and look forward to the newsletter regardless of whether they voice that or not. It just comes with the job so to speak but you seem to get much joy and that is reason enough.

your MIL

Elaine said...

It does feel good when someone notices the things I do, but I fear I'm not nearly so good at recognizing others in that way. I'm really guilty of rushing around ALL of the time to do as much as I can and I forget to LOOK for opportunities to stop and have a conversation with the people who keep things running or to recognize someone who put in an extra effort. thanks for the reminder!

owldog1 said...

I agree, life is so busy and I do not take the time to say "job well done" The AWARE was Great and I loved it and the fact that no one noticed different editor is a good thing.