Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Things

Yes, I was feeling down the other day as I listed sad things that had occurred in my life recently. Today, I'd like to reflect on some positive things that have happened.

1. The AC guy came today and administered a freon charge, which he says is all we needed. I'm glad it wasn't a bigger problem. Our house is cool again.

2. A dear sweet lady that I am happy to call "friend" brought us dinner tonight "just because." Is that kind, or what? And I'll embarrass her by thanking her by name. Thanks, Kristi.

3. My mother-in-law offered to give me her Mother's Day plate that is the same as mine. Now if that isn't generous, I don't know what is. I really do have the sweetest mother-in-law in the whole world. I am so blessed that she raised such a great son for me to marry, showers love and attention on A, N, and L, AND she encourages me with kind words and actions.

4. Funny kid quote of the day: I was playing cards with Ava tonight and she happily called out "It's the seven of shovels!"

5. Ava and I made a fun project together. I took an old lamp I bought over 10 years ago and we dressed it up for her new big girl room. The base used to be silver, and the shade was plain white. We glued on a ribbon and buttons, then painted the base pink using a wadded up paper towel. The result is that some of the silver still shines through a little because the pink is not solid. Very cool, if I say so myself.

6. The grape juice stain came out of the skirt. Thank you, Spray and Wash.

Thanks to those of you that left comments or emailed kind words to help cheer me up. I am so thankful to have so many dear friends. I know that each day carries a bounty of blessings, but sometimes the small disappointments seem to shout over the army of happiness. I'm back in focus now.


Dallas Monkey said...

Hey Becky,

Cool Lamp! Good job!!! Excellent way to recycle ...

Dallas Monkey

Becky said...

who are you dallas monkey?
I'm afraid that name doesn't ring a bell...

owldog1 said...

I Love the lamp so cool. You guys are so creative

Dallas Monkey said...

Just someone searching the web -- found you off KKK (Kristi's Krazy Korner).....dallaszoomonkey@yahoo.com

Quad Squad! said...

Yea! Happy Becky! Happy Becky is my favorite Becky! Much, much better than sad Becky. And I think you really must have the sweetest mother-in-law ever! And I love the lamp! It makes me excited about someday getting to fix up a big girl room for Reagan!

Lindsay said...

Becky - the lamp is amazing but everything you do is amazing. I wish I was better also at letting people know that they make a huge impact on my life - and you do. There are lots of things I do as a parent and person that I learned from you!

Love you