Thursday, July 26, 2007

Little Lions

Here's what I one should be allowed to have small lion statues (one one either side of the walkway) in front of their house. Those little foot tall lions look silly. You may only have lions if a.) you live in a castle or other royal dwelling with at least two dozen bedrooms and several grand halls and b.) the lions are 4 feet tall or larger. Hopefully, none of my readers have tiny lion statues or I will have deeply offended them. (if so, sorry- just calling it as I see it, which is only one opinion.) And, yes, I drove by a house with tiny lions today and that is why I am thinking about this. And one more idea for a new "yard law" while I'm at it:
No wooden panels shaped and painted to appear as a woman's rear end as she is bent over gardening, (or a cow's rear end or any other animal, for that matter.)

On a completely different note...I finished the 7th Harry Potter book and LOVED it. Anyone that has not read that series needs to get on it pronto. The author is a genius. I can't wait for Ava and Nate (and Lucas, but it's harder to imagine him being anything but a baby at this point) to be old enough that I can share these books with them.


Dara said...

Agreed on the lions. I am glad to say I've never seen the wood rear-end cut-outs for yards!!! Thank goodness! I am not a fan of yard decor that isn't plant, dirt, or rock based... not really into the cutsie signs, garden balls (what ever they are), artificial flowers stuck in the ground - yikes!!!, dorky statues... items that aren't "earthly" must be well-placed and blend into the environment! As an exception, I certainly understand supporting your children in their sporting endeavors and, of course, our country and state!

If you really crave cutsie yard "art" wait until it's time to bring out holiday decor for fall/halloween or Christmas!

Dallas Monkey said...

I agree...those lions are U-G-L-Y. those signs supporting your children. I've seen reports on the news about how predators can track your kids. They say they follow on vehicles too. I'd never put them in my yard or on my vehicle -- just my opinion, though.

I too enjoyed the Harry Potter book. It's always good to see good winning over evil.

hugs and kisses
Dallas Monkey (the big DZM)

irene said...

Agreed. I also think whiskey barrels should be banned! That's tacky to me. And don't get me started on metal yard art!!!!

Dallas...I don't recognize you. I also saw the same report on predators.

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

I'll tell you what I can't stand: the decorative goose.
What a way to waste your money. First, you put a fake goose in your yard or on your porch and then you buy clothes for it? Dress it up for different seasons? Fortunately I don't see too much of it in the city, but when I hit suburbia it's geese a plenty.
Plant a friggin rosebush people...

Stephanie said...

Ha! That last comment is hilarious! My grandmother used to have one of those gooses (is that right?)! I always thought it was so dorky, but she really liked it!
Becky, you are so right about the wooden things with a woman's rear end. I think there is one in your neighborhood!

Brooke said...

I pass by a neighborhood that has a 4 foot or so Statue of Liberty! I love my freedom and all, but you've got to be kidding me.

Quad Squad! said...

There was a house in Bartlett that had those lions, but theirs were really big, and they improved them vastly by painting them bright orange. Really, it was an impressive sight.

And I finished Harry Potter too! Also loved it!

Dallas Monkey said...

oh...I am just someone who found becky's post through KKK -- I enjoy reading different people's thoughts....I am also someone who Kristi seems to have a problem with -- she accuses me of posting "rude comments" and "snide remarks" on her blog -- I don't feel that I have been rude -- my first post was asking if her daughter would read Don Quixote in Spanish; I read it in Spanish and found it challenging but extremely fulfilling. I have also been falsely accused of posting under other's names, which I have not.

quad squad....I'd LOVE to see a picture...I can't begin to imagine what it looked like :)

dallas monkey (

Becky said...

Dallas Monkey-
you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. However, I want it to be known that Kristi is a very good friend of mine and a person for whom I have the highest respect. She is a kind, generous, intelligent person. And if I am ever put in a position where I must choose between what she tells me or what someone I have never met tells me, then I am obviously going to believe her and support her whole-heartedly. If you feel that she has a problem with you, then I suggest you stop visiting her blog and leave it at that. And please do not mention anything else about your problems with her if you wish to continue posting comments on my blog.

dallas monkey said...

becky...i didn't mean any harm in my post, i just don't understand why i am being accused of things that aren't true; i'll keep my posts to your topics only. i thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts....i like the humor that i get from some of your postings...this one is a blast :) If you are ever in the Fairfax, Virginia area, we should do lunch -- maybe we can become friends too.

Dallas Monkey