Sunday, July 29, 2007

Let's Compare

Whenever Cody is on a business trip, I like to imagine the following pretend (though totally based on fact) conversation in my mind.

Becky- So, how was your flight?
Cody- pretty good...the only seat available was first class, but there was no American Way magazine in my seat pocket. Thankfully, the flight attendant was able to bring a copy to me after she finished handing out the champagne.
Becky- thank goodness! You know how I enjoy reading. In fact, I was glancing over an interesting article on the back page of the newspaper today, that is, until Nate spilled his milk on it and it became illegible...wait, what is that I hear in the background?
Cody- that's the butler. I've arrived at the 5 star beach side hotel they put me up in. Hold on...I need to tip him
Becky- ok. [kids- quit wrestling so hard on the floor, you're about to kick Lucas in the...( cries) face.]
Cody- I can't talk long. I have to meet some people at the gourmet restaurant in a few minutes.
Becky- we already ate dinner. I had a couple of fish sticks while trying to feed Lucas his cereal. He sneezed a large mouthful into my face.
Cody- you should see the complimentary terry cloth robe and slippers in my hotel room. I think they are the softest I have ever felt...
Becky- sorry- I couldn't hear you. The kids are banging on pots and pans and marching around the room, just a minute...[kids- I am on the phone with daddy, please keep it down...]
I think I might take them to the library tomorrow.
Cody- I wish I could drive around a little and check out the scenery, but I didn't rent a car this time. The hotel staff picked me up in a Hummer. When we arrived at the hotel, they handed me a custom flavored popsicle- it was sooo good. It was either watermelon or grapefruit, I am not sure...
Becky- did you say watermelon? That reminds me, I've got to take these three with me to the grocery store tomorrow. That will be an adventure!
Cody- tomorrow I'll meet with the developer, then take it easy at the airport- probably read or surf the web until my flight.

and I could go on! It may seem like I am complaining, or jealous (ok, I am a little jealous). But the truth is, I love being home with the kids. I told my mother-in-law today that I realize I could have been an engineer (scratch that, I totally stink at math), a business woman jetting here and there. And I could have decided to have a fabulous career instead of a family. But, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Unfortunately, moms don't get business trips. But, they get grubby little kisses, giggles, big smiles, and the boundless energy of children reverberating off the walls. It's like a non-stop circus. Everybody loves a circus.


Anonymous said...

That's so hilarious and yet soooo true! As I told you today, I understand every detail of that loud and clear. I was there once chasing Cody and Cord (wait, or were they chasing me?) Let me tell you, these days will be over in a heartbeat (example: can you really believe Ava will be 5 soon???) and you can never get them back. YOU are getting to experience so many awesome things with your children by staying home with them.....think of how many moms with kids in day care most every day of the year, have missed the major part of EVERY day and all those hugs, smiles, hilarious conversations, and yes all the yucky stuff, too. YOU have a job many moms would just give anything to have! You made that happen. You and Cody.

Amberly said...

That's my new mantra:
Everybody loves a circus... everybody loves a circus... everybody loves a circus...

Quad Squad! said...

I totally hear you! And Jim doesn't even have to do anything cool. Somedays I'm jealous just because he goes to the grocery store. But that's okay! I love my circus! I wouldn't give up any part of it!

Lynn said...

What a great story teller you are!! I am glad you can look at all of this with such humor. I do find it amazing that so many of our dads and husbands are traveling internationally with their jobs these days! While it affords them so many opportunities, I am sure it is riddled with temptations as well. In the meantime, you do a great job on the homefront and Ava, Nate and Lucas are so blessed to have such a dedicated mom! 18 years is such a short time in a lifetime to have these sweet children in your home. I am thankful that you know the blessing of that time!