Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I watched the scariest movie today...with Ava and Nate. It was the psychological thriller Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is a horrifying movie, and I am not just talking about Snow White's vibrato over-kill that's reminiscent of a bleating sheep. I can't believe that movie is rated "G". I had to distract them in the beginning and tell them that the Queen didn't like Snow White and wanted to hurt her. I don't even like saying that she wanted to hurt her, but that was better than "She wants the huntsman to kill her, then cut out her heart and bring it back in that small box." It even shows the huntsman draw his knife as Snow White covers her face and screams. He is about to plunge it into her before he relents and begs her to flee. Things get better for a while as Snow White cleans the dwarf house and meets the little guys. Then, the Queen is making an evil potion and transforming into a hideous hag. She is also making a poisoned apple that will kill Snow White. My version is "The Queen is making herself look like an old woman so she can trick Snow White into eating a bad apple that will make her fall asleep." After the Queen visits Snow White, she is chased by the dwarfs and falls to her death from a rocky crevice during a terrible thunderstorm. You know, just your average kid-friendly viewing.
I knew the story going into it, however I had not actually seen the movie in decades. So, I didn't remember just how graphic it was. I'm not sure who decided in the first place so long ago that this was a great story to make into a cartoon version. Maybe I am a little over-protective. But seriously, some of those scenes were enough to give me nightmares, let alone a child! Someone wanting to murder a poor innocent girl and cut her heart out? Sheesh.
I happen to be watching another Disney movie tonight- on my own. This one, so far, is more appropriate viewing for a preschooler than Snow White and it's High School Musical!


Lindsay said...

I guess when you put it that way. :) I actually loved Snow White growing up. I actually wanted to be Snow White. Not srue why the details did not disturb me but maybe it is b/c I knew it was a fairytale - hopefully that is why. :) I have actually had this same question/issue with the death of Christ discussion I will have with Kimber one day. I always accepted it as a child without being traumatized but I am not sure why I feel it will disturb her.

irene said...

We went through a phase of buying up the old Disney movies. Snow White was one of them. It rarely is watched, I think we may have only watched it twice. We had the same reaction. Sleeping Beauty falls in that same "scary" category if you ask me. Toy Story 2, Nemo, Monsters Inc., Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book, I guess since they deal with animals and "make-believe" type characters are easier to watch. These are my kids' favorites.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I can see how it would be scary. Although, like Lindsay, I loved Snow White as a kid as well as Sleeping Beauty (that's one of my favorites even now). The funny thing is that the reason Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite movies as a little girl was because of the bad guy - or in this case, girl. I was mesmerized with Maleficent and I loved saying her name. But, I also loved the fairies!

Dara said...

Emma loves Snow White! It was the first of the "princess movies" she really enjoyed. Her favorite part is the witch turning into the hideous hag - which scares me beyond belief!!! The only part which seemed to disturb Emma (or at least reach her emotionally) was the funeral scene where the dwarfs are crying with Snow White in the glass case. Emma would cry with the dwarfs because they were sad, but still said she loved the movie.

I have found with many movies, that I "loved as a kid," watching from an adult perspective is MUCH more disturbing than from a child's perspective. I am horrified over some of the movies I saw as a child - yet none of them disturbed me when I was little. Children take away very little other than there was a princess, cute little guys, a scary lady who goes away, fun dancing and some singing, and happy ever after. Just don't let the kids watch these movies when they are over age 10-12!

Dallas Monkey said...

It's all about perspective! My sister-in-law has made similar comments about movies she watched as a child and wanted her son to enjoy; she pre-screens all now.