Friday, August 17, 2007


I had no idea so many of you would ask what I did in reply to Nate's bold defiance and heart-melting grin. The truth is...I let him out of time-out. As he slid out of the chair and proclaimed me his best friend, I admit my heart softened and I asked him if he was ready to play sweet and mind his Mama. He replied that he was, and so I did not demand that he return to the chair. I know, I know. It was not the best thing to do, but he had already been sitting there a long time, and he was so darn sweet. I told Lindsay via email that the proper way to handle it would have been to hug him and tell him I love him too, and that is why I must make him sit in time out so he can learn to obey. See- I know the right way of doing things, even if I don't always do them! Besides, maybe mercy is another thing worth teaching. As long as I am not overly merciful to the point of letting him get away with totally bratty behavior.
Anyway, those of you that have seen that smile of his know my predicament. I should seriously warn the girls about 14 years from now.

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