Friday, September 7, 2007


I find myself overly frustrated because of a small event. Being the frugal shopper and bargain-lover that I am, I absolutely hate to overspend when it can be avoided. But today, I was in a BIG hurry and only needed a few items from the grocery store. I stopped in Tom Thumb. I don't go there as a rule because I think they are overpriced. But this store was in the right spot and like I said, I was in a hurry. I flew through the store with Nate and Lucas in tow. As the clerk scanned the items, I almost fainted when I saw the price of the carton of 18 eggs. $4.39!
Does that sound a bit high to anyone else? I said, "Are you sure that is the right price for those?" Even though she assured me it was, I grabbed my receipt and headed all the way to the back of the store to see for myself. I was already late to pick up Ava from school, but dad gummit I did not believe 18 eggs could cost $4.39. But alas, the price was correct. Then I saw it. Next to those eggs were the regular 12 packs of eggs at $1.89 each! If I had paid attention I could have bought 24 eggs and still paid less than I did for the dumb 18 pack. I was seriously late now, so no time for an exchange. But inside I was fuming. And I am still irritated! And I swore up and down that I will never go to Tom Thumb again. And if I didn't need these eggs desperately to make a cake, I would consider throwing them at Tom Thumb's automatic sliding door. Okay, that is an exaggeration. I wouldn't do that.
Phew. That feels better. Guess I just needed to vent.


Brooke said...

Reminds me of a story about my brother. He was at Subway and ordered a foot long. He realized it would be cheaper to go with 2 6-inch sandwiches. He asked to switch to the 2 6-inches instead. The lady refused to simply cut the sub and give him a cheaper price. I forgot how he exactly resolved it, but he did not pay the higher price.

Elaine said...

HAH! You have me laughing =)
I'm the same way and prices in Chicago are reeeeally bad. Capitalism at its finest! I hope those eggs were laid by some very special chicken!

Dara said...

I have a feeling this necessary cake might have been for my daughter's birthday party! So sorry! Just to let you know the extra-pricey eggs did give the cake that extra special flavor! ;)

Thanks again for making our cake so last minute! It was super delicious and absolutely darling. You are the best!