Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Big Time

Imagine my surprise when I checked what is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs this morning Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and saw my name mentioned in her entry. The Pioneer Woman usually has photo naming contests, but just last week she had a contest to name the series she has been writing about when she met her cowboy husband ten years ago. It has been a romantic, interesting read. So, I jokingly entered the name Cowsablanca as a title. She mentioned it in her post (not as a winner, of course) but as one entry that made her laugh. If you haven't ever read her blog before, you should check it out. She's smart, funny, and takes really good pictures.

In other news, we watched Dancing with the Stars last night. It's a favorite show of mine that I am embarrassed to admit watching. The cheetah girl (I don't even know what that is) was a clear front-runner. The men dance tonight. I am wondering if Wayne Newton can even walk, much less dance. He looks really stiff. And I'm secretly hoping Mark Cuban trips. The best part of the show is watching my kids dance along. I'm going to have to post some video of Nate's boogie. Nate dances with abandonment. It's all or nothing for him. He has a distinct style that I have never seen anywhere before. And, as a former elementary school music teacher, I've seen a lot of kids dance. It would be great to strip off the self-consciousness of adulthood and dance my heart out. Or sit naked and cross-legged on the floor sometime. Or feel free to pick my underwear out of my rear in public and wipe my nose on my sleeve.

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Stephanie said...

Ooh! How cool! You're famous!