Monday, September 24, 2007

Changing Names

I am glad my name changed when I married Cody. I like having his last name. I'm happy for all my married friends who now have new last names also. However, it sure does make it complicated if not impossible to find old friends that I lost touch with long ago. I recently joined Facebook. (Which is 100 times better than Myspace by the way.) But it makes me sad there there are a couple of really good friends of mine that I have no idea how to contact.

So, Jennifer Conover from elementary school in Stuart, Oklahoma, and Elizabeth Belcher from middle school in Abilene, Texas, if you ever happen to come across this post, please let me know where you are, how you are, and what in the world your new last names are.


Elaine said...

I hadn't thought about that until I got a friend request today from a girl who has her facebook screen name as:
First 'Maiden' Married

That might help some people find you! If you don't mind adding the old name, that is...

Anonymous said...

Try searching for jennifer conover nevels