Thursday, October 4, 2007

Number 3

This photo has a special place in my heart because it is from the very first time I took a child to visit a pumpkin patch. Little Ava was 9 months old. I saw this beautiful field of pumpkins at a Methodist church one day, and I knew I had to take her there to see the pumpkins and get her picture taken. I dressed her up in a cute outfit and took her early in the morning. We were the only ones there! She loved exploring all those pumpkins, and I loved taking her picture. I think I took 80 shots or something crazy like that. I love everything about this picture...the giant multitude of pumpkins, Ava's chubby arms and ruffled overalls, and those deep dark eyes. Those eyes look like they might hold the secret to all the mysteries of the world. This particular photo was taken slightly before she began eating the hay that is in front of her. I have some photos of that, too, but they didn't make my top 5 list.


Dara said...

Adorable! She reminds me of Lucas in this picture!

I sure hope your sweeties are all feeling well today! So far we have squeezed by with only one sickness casualty - little Ellie Beth got it on Monday and has been pretty worn out all week. I keep praying that the rest of us avoid it! I think this illness can be officially named "The R.E. Plague."

Kristi said...

I hope that the model is feeling better today!

I can see why you love this picture, she is stunning!