Sunday, November 18, 2007

Community Thanksgiving

Every year, our church joins with two or three other area churches for a joint Thanksgiving service. The location rotates. The leadership from the churches takes turns delivering the sermon, or leading prayers or communion. Cody and I have always enjoyed going to this community service. Some of the songs are sung acapella, which is the way our church home does things. Other songs are sung with a full band. I didn't really care for two of the new songs I heard tonight (It was not because of the band really, although the band was awfully loud and that bugs me. I just didn't care for the lyrics or tune.) But one of the new songs I heard hit me straight in the heart. I can't get it out of my mind. I looked it up online tonight and found out it's called Take My Life by Scott Underwood. The verses mention holiness, faithfulness and righteousness as being something we need to have and something God wants from us. That was good. But it's the chorus that just blows me away.

"Take my heart, and form it. Take my mind, transform it. Take my will, conform it. To yours, to yours, Oh Lord."

If that doesn't just about cover every important thing, then I don't know what does. Form my heart in your love, God, and while you are at it transform my mind so that my priorities and views match yours, and then to top it off, let my will match yours perfectly. If those three things could be set right in my life, then I would be perfect as Jesus is perfect and God could really use me to unleash his kingdom here on earth. Here it is, summed up in a catchy rhyming way and the tune- the tune is simple but oh so beautiful and memorable. This could be my new mantra.

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Rachel said...

I like this song too. We used to sing it in high school and at ACU quite a bit.