Monday, November 5, 2007

The War

I'm not talking about the war in Iraq. I've been reading The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk for about a week now and it has got me thinking about the War, World War II. I've thought about it before, of course, off and on over the course of my life. Whenever it happens to come to mind, I am always struck with a sense of awe. There are so many aspects of this war that overwhelm me. The huge loss of life of men at such tender young ages. The sacrifice of families that gave up their children, husbands, loved ones and went weeks or months without being able to communicate with them. Even when they could communicate it was only by letter or telegram. The constant sickening news of death and destruction. The fear, the horrible circumstances in Germany- the slaughter of so many- that necessitated the war. I think about how everyone of a certain age holds that deep, life-impacting effect of the War in their hearts and minds. No one was exempt. That War wrapped its claws around the entire country. I think about the heroic acts. I think about the violence. I think about the old men today who tear up when speaking about it. I think about how soon it will be when there are none left from that era. I think of my own grandfathers. I think of my sons. My mind is overwhelmed.

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belinda said...

I never appreciated what the Holocaust meant until I watched a mini series entitled The Holocaust, starring Meryl Strepp. Also, read Elie Wiesel's books, especially "Night." It makes me so very sad.

You have every right to be very afraid for your sons.