Monday, March 30, 2009

Morning Conversation

Me: (pulling the covers back from the barely visible curly topped head) Time to wake up Ava.

Ava: (no response)

Me: Wake up honey.

Ava: (groaning) 5 more minutes....! (rolling over)

Me: Sweetie, you have to get up now and eat and get dressed, or you'll be late for school. You don't want to be tardy do you?

Ava: (thinking) Does it cost money to be tardy?

Me: No. But you get a tardy mark on your attendance record.

Ava: Well just one of those isn't so bad.

Me: If you get up you'll stop feeling so tired after you move around a little bit.

Ava: My tummy hurts. I think I need to rest it.

Me: (nice try sister) It's time to get up and eat breakfast.

Ava: (reluctantly getting up...walking to the kitchen...sitting at the bar....looking at her food...THROWING UP.)

Me: Ok then, let's get you back to bed after all.


Lindsay said...

Oh poor Ava! What a sweet obedient girl. Hope we did not tire her out too much last night. She was full of energy and using it all last night. Get well Ava!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! I had been wondering yesterday and today how everyone was doing and if the kids were getting what you have. She must be miserable. Let us know if you need reinforcements! We are available. Carol

Elaine said...

oh no. poor you. poor Ava. hope everyone gets healthy quick!

The Powells said...

OH! Poor thing - you never know exactly how they're feeling until they show you, haha! I hope she gets better SOON! We're praying for her :).

Quad Squad! said...

Oooo, sorry Becky! I hope she feels better really soon!