Friday, March 6, 2009

Stop It

Attention all realtors: Stop calling me!
We had our house for sale last fall, but ended up taking it off the market when we leased it to a family. Apparently, there is some list that properties end up on once they have been off the market (without selling) for 3 or so months. I know this because when our property hit that deadline it was like open season and every realtor in the area pounced on it. At first I was getting a dozen calls a day. After about a week it tapered off. But, I still get an occasional call. Some of the realtors are nice, some are pushy, some are annoying, some are just plain stupid. I have been, for the most part, extremely nice to them even though I find their calls very irritating.

Here is the most recent call from a realtor that just happened yesterday.

Me: Hello?
Realtor: This is so and so from Keller Williams and I notice your property did not sell. I wonder if you want to re-list it?
Me: No.
Realtor: What if I had a qualified buyer that wanted to buy it...would you sell it?
Me: No.
Realtor: But what if I had a buyer standing right here that was ready to pay full price for this home. Would you sell it?
Me: No.
Realtor: Why wouldn't you??
Me: Because it is under an 18 month lease. Any other questions?
Realtor: Did this lease happen recently?
Me: You are a stranger. Why would I spill out all the details of my business dealings?
Realtor: After 18 months, will you want to re-list the house then?
Me: That's a long time from now. I could be dead then. I am not making plans that far in advance.

You have to give him credit for tenacity. But I really hate it when people push and push for more information when I had politely said No three times!


Lynn Leaming said...

You are much nicer than me. I would have hung up after my first reply :0 or better yet I don't answer calls from caller ID unless I know the number :)

Elaine said...

nicely played there, B!