Monday, April 27, 2009

The Noticer

My review of The Noticer by Andy Andrews:

It’s a good thing The Noticer is a quick read or my family would not have gotten dinner because I did not want to put the book down. At first I was afraid the book might be too cheesy, or too over-simple. It turned out to be a refreshing reminder of some truths I know deep down but so often forget. Often, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what wisdom would flow next from the mouth of the main character known simply as “Jones.” Sometimes I found myself nodding in agreement, or silently crying as my heart was touched by the story. The book is an unusual blend of allegory and fiction. It is powerful and enjoyable at the same time. It definitely causes personal reflection. I thought about my life and the difference I can make in the lives of others. I think one of the main messages of this book is that life is not something that is done to us, but something we can choose to embrace and live fully. Our choices and perspective do have a lot to do with having a successful life. I think every person could glean several nuggets of inspiration and encouragement from this book. Some will be touched more than others, but I doubt anyone could walk away from it completely unchanged.

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uh2l said...

I happen to own the domain for, (I run, and I have been searching Google to see who else metions the book. That's how I came across your blog. I've been reading the Traveler's Gift. How does the Noticer compare?

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