Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted anything! Oops.
I have a few things to write about...
-A successful attempt at crocheting a baby afghan that came out in the shape of a square, instead of a parallelogram
-The repairing and staining of the enormous backyard deck project
-Lucas' amazing batting abilities and his future in the MLB
-some recent books I have read including The Irresistible Revolution and Miracle in the Andes
-a need for advice on how to rid an entire yard of mosquitoes
-my love for some awesome Thai spring rolls my friend Lindsay whipped up

So maybe I will get around to a few of those topics soon. You can cast your vote for which topic I should tackle first if you have a favorite. Ha.

BTW- Did anyone know that the plural of mosquito ends in "toes" not "tos"? I never knew that until my friendly spell checker pointed it out.


Anonymous said...

would love to see the afghan photo --shari

Lindsay said...

Hey Thanks for the compliments again on your blog about the Spring Rolls. Now I know you really mean it. :) No really I appreciate it, and I will get it out on the blog tonight!