Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaping Lizards!

We have lizards all over our backyard. Some pretty green ones walk around puffing out their red throats. Brown lizards of all sizes dart across the path or deck as people walk. Nate has always had it in his mind that he wanted to catch one. They are so fast I just figured he never would. I was wrong. He caught a big one today while I was gone to a baby shower. (I guess the big ones run a little slower...) Cody looked back to see Nate holding the lizard by the tail, and that lizard was thrashing around like crazy. In a second it had thrashed up toward Nate's hand and bit his finger! Poor Nate was in shock. I don't think he ever imagined his lizard catching adventure to end with a bloody finger. I thought I had a great story to tell about stepping in a fire ant mound today and getting bites all over my foot. But when I got home, that was nothing compared to the lizard catching story.

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