Monday, June 29, 2009

Connected and Unconnected

I spent this past weekend at a beautiful lake house with four friends. When I got home, I realized I had been completely unconnected from the world for two days. During my trip, I had no television, internet, radio, or even cell phone (since I had forgotten to bring it.) I was off the map. Cody asked me how I had felt about that and my answer was: content. It was a peaceful weekend during which time flowed by unchecked, and I felt completely connected and immersed in relationship. I might write more about the weekend later, but this is the aspect that charmed me most.


Carol said...

Too bad Amberly could not be there..but there will be another time. Thought about yall several times and knew you were having fun. Will be looking forward to hearing about all you did. Don had fun with Cody and kids out here. Said they are just all becoming so acclimated to the water. He sent me one movie of Lucas going off the board with the goggles on. He said he looked hilarious with them on. So fearless, too!

Dara said...

I loved all the time lapses for you over the weekend! You were always off-track on the time... which is great! It was nice not to have to keep track of time for a weekend! Plus it was just another aspect of comic relief for the rest of us!!! hee-hee!

What an unbelievable glad to be a part of it!