Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Takes Me Back

One of the joys of childhood....

dirt cake! complete with gummy worms.

We were driving to Target yesterday when Nate started asking for gummy worms. I've never bought them before. I think he had one at school or something. Suddenly I started thinking about dirt cake and realized I had never made it for the kids. So, I called Cody and asked him to look up a dirt cake recipe so I could get the supplies at Target. I made it that morning so it would be ready for snack after we picked up Ava from school. The entire way home from school we were teasing Ava about eating dirt cake and, to tell the truth, she did look dubious about the idea. I never would tell her it was not dirt, though I think she could tell I was not going to actually feed her dirt. I put it in front of her and she gave one last pleading glance at me wondering if this was going to taste good...then she tried it. And boy did she like it!
There are several recipes for dirt cake on allrecipes.com.

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