Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Stamp

I ordered a birthday present for myself yesterday, and I am so excited about it!

Last summer, my sister-in-law and I saw these beautiful self-inking address stamps at a small gift shop in Marble Falls. We both admired them. I decided then and there to get her one for Christmas. I love it when I have a plan and don't have to wonder and fret about what to give someone as a gift. Christmas came around and I ordered a gift certificate for her so she could choose her own design and wording. She loved it. Ever since then, I've wanted one for myself, too, but never did break down and get one. I figured why not get one for my birthday? Seriously, take the time to look at the beautiful designs at Three Designing Women. If you decide to buy one, the best place to order them is at Samsclub.com. You have to have a Sam's membership, but the price plus shipping for a gift certificate that allows the recipient to design their own stamp is a huge bargain compared to other sites. I actually ordered mine from tickledpinkpapers.com because they have a 20% off any order deal right now that made the price lower (not as low as Sams, but my membership is expired right now.)


Carol said...

yes, those are great stamps and as I am about out of address labels, I may see a stamp in my future. great gift idea as well. I've seen Lauren's and really like it and those at the Marble Falls shop were really neat.

Rachel said...

I LOVE those stamps and have always contemplated getting one. I used to have custom-printed address labels that I got right after we bought our first house. They're all gone now, but when I mail something, I really miss them!