Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crossing Over

I'm in trouble. Big trouble. I think I knew it was coming somewhere in the back of my mind, but today it hit me right in the face.

I can't stand the girls' age 7+ clothing any store. I look around at the clothes in the 4-6 age range and they are lovely. They are beautiful, sweet, perfect. Then, I glance over at the 7-14 age group clothing and it's terrible. And this is a very big problem because Ava turns 7 in a few months. Typically, I buy her winter clothes in the age she will be turning in January. This means I should be shopping in that awful 7+ section. I can't quite put my finger on why I hate those clothes so much. It isn't that I want to keep Ava looking like a toddler for the rest of her life. But, why do they have to so suddenly rip away all our cute flowers, hearts, and kitty cats only to replace them with skulls and crossbones, High School Musical, and psychedelic craziness?

I was looking in Sears today, where the difference between the 4-6 and 7+ section is especially jarring. I kept seeing adorable clothes, but putting them back because they were a 6 and I know she can't wear those much longer. Then suddenly it dawned on me. There is this size called "6X" and it's basically a 7! I am almost positive this size was invented by outraged mothers like myself who refused to start buying ugly clothes just because their daughters were growing up. Bless them! Bless them for saving me from my dilemma for a little bit longer.

There are a few companies that make cute clothing for girls over 7. Unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg. Gymboree and Lands End are two that come to mind. Guess I'll have to get my cute tights and sweaters there soon. Better start saving up now.


Jenn M said...

I totally feel your pain! My oldest is 10 and I'm not ready for her to look like a 17 year old! I shop a lot at Target, and it doesn't seem to be as bad there...they still have cute stuff. I especially have this problem when trying to buy swim suits because we don't allow our girls to wear 2 pieces. It's hard to find cute 1 piece suits. Oh, and I hate skulls and crossbones-what is up with that? It's on boy stuff too!

Dara said...

Yes, I know what you mean as well. Emma is just now starting to wear size 7 in shirts and some dresses. She can still fit in 6/6x, which is very nice. You really just have to shop around and be very choosy about what you get... there are cute, sweet things out there to find. Just not entire stores of it anymore, sniff! Carter's goes to size 7 and Osh Kosh outlet in Allen goes all the way to 14...with really cute sweet stuff. We get a lot there.

belinda said...

You're so right! The clothes suddenly are so ugly! And way too grown-up looking for a 7-yr. old.