Friday, September 18, 2009

Nate's Art

I know all parents think their darling children are exceptionally gifted in some or all ways. We love to magnify their talents and brag about their gifts. It's just part of being a parent. So allow me to indulge for a moment regarding the masterpieces Nate creates. I find the inner workings of his mind, as displayed on paper, so fascinating. He draws differently than any kid I've ever seen. Maybe I just haven't been exposed to much, or maybe, just maybe, he is a genius. Okay, genius is too strong of a word, even for a gushing proud parent. But his art seems so creative to me. Take a look for yourself.

He has always drawn like this. It's got a style of its own. I guess you could describe it as sort of a linear, geometric, multi-media (note the use of the occasional sticker or stamp), detailed, colorful exploration of design. And I love it! All I'm saying is, you better get his autograph now because this kid's stuff will probably be in the Museum of Modern Art someday.


Quad Squad! said...

Wow! Nate's art really is unlike the art created by most kids his age! It's so abstract! The first one is my favorite! It will be so interesting to see how this talent develops as he gets older!

Lindsay said...

I have always known Nate was a sharp one. Genius is not too strong of a word at all. :) His work is fantastic.

Lynn Leaming said...

And what an interesting array of colors!! No one color dominates which is also unusual at this age!
I am so glad you shared his talent, and he is blessed to have proud mama!