Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Never Pay Retail Again

I went to an incredible thrift store yesterday. I could have spent all day there, had it not been for two adorable boys tugging at me and whining to leave. They actually did so well for the hour we were there. I was proud of them for sticking it out without much complaining. Anyway, here are a few things I loved about this store:

1. The employees were super nice. At many thrift stores, even church-run charity stores like this one, the employees are often "disgruntled" to say the least.
2. Clothes were laid out clearly and were easy to look through. I hate it when they pack so many clothes on a rack that you can't even budge them.
3. They have a large BOOK SECTION! I didn't get a chance to browse the books (see above mentioned adorable boys) but would love to go back and take my time.
4. Tons of the items in this place were name brand- high end stuff, and the clothes were in great condition.

So here's what I found ( a few items pictured just to show you how nice looking this stuff is!)
Button up Ralph Lauren Polo long sleeve dress shirt for Nate
2 long sleeve tshirts for Nate (including a UT Longhorns shirt)
jean jacket for Ava
long Liz Claiborne sweater jacket
Liz Claiborne corduroy jacket
Gap button up jean shirt
Liz Claiborne long sleeve black tshirt- so soft and almost silky like
J Crew sweater
a beautiful shimmery thin sweater wrap thing that had no tag other than "M" for medium but I fell in love with it.
a gorgeous Van Heusen tan sweater
and a beaded and embroidered silk Mimi Maternity shirt that I absolutely don't need but could not put back on the rack because it was so beautiful and so cheap...

I think that's everything and the grand total was $32. Yes, you read that right. The prices on these clothes were really good, but on Tuesdays all clothing is an additional 40% off which makes them just plain dirt cheap. Everything I bought is in perfect condition and looks pretty much brand new. I don't think I'll ever pay retail again. You can look up the thrift store at

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Jenni said...

that is a great deal! a friend recently introduced me the is a good store...