Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I Like About My Kids

she writes me notes, hilarious notes, and leaves them by my bed or under my pillow
she cleverly taught her brother (who was bothering her at the computer) a fake ballet dance move which required him to back up slowly on tip toe until he was out of the room
her beautiful singing voice, especially on Sunday mornings
her absolute joy in and love of learning
she always wants to journal/draw in small, pretty, blank books...future author?

he's almost 5 but still loves his blankie
he could kick nearly any 1st grader's tail in math
he would do almost anything for his sister, he loves and adores her to pieces
he's always asking questions and trying to figure everything out
his mischievous grin

when he says "you my best Mama."
his super blond hair
his independence and determination
his laugh melts my heart
he can hit a baseball like no 2 year old I've ever seen, seriously.

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