Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loving This Weather

The weather the past week or so has been perfect! Cool jacket-requiring mornings turning into sunny warm afternoons. We have not turned on our heater yet, so for about a month or more there has been no A/C or heat running up our electricity bill. The only drawback has been that our house has stayed pretty chilly, even on these nice sunny days. It's been about 68 inside even when it's 75 outside. I've found myself going to the sunroom or deck to warm up. I feel like a cat when I do that. But I can't complain. This is the perfect time of year as far as I'm concerned.

And the leaves are really starting to turn colors. I've had a few people express doubt that fall in Texas can be beautiful. The Northeast gets all the press when it comes to colorful leaves. And they probably are more stunning than other areas of the country, but that doesn't take away from the beauty here. I've seen trees that look absolutely on fire with red and gold. I love it.

Now, we just need to add the food. By that, I mean Thanksgiving. Give me the murmur of family visiting, a t.v. football game in the background, a good book in my hand, and a buffet of delicious food sitting out for intermittent grazing and I am set.


Rachel said...

It has been gorgeous. We have the same problem with a little bit of a chilly house. It doesn't seem to warm up as fast as it does outside! But not having the A/C or the heat on is worth it.

Lauren C. said...

I love the fall too!