Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mixed Messages

Ava got on a sign-making kick today. Not sure what prompted it, but I have found signs taped all over the house. For a while today she even walked around with a "kick me" sign taped to her back. Most of the signs are concentrated on her bedroom door, but they are slightly misleading. Upon closer inspection, the signs under the cheery pink "Welcome" sign are a bit less welcoming.

(By the way, Ava's school is selling that ready to bake cookie dough for a fund-raiser. $12 a tub, or $14 pre-portioned cookies. Both 2.7 lbs. Almost every flavor imaginable. Just email me if you want to order, and I will have her call you. She's much friendlier on the phone than these door signs imply.)

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belinda said...

this cracks me up!