Sunday, January 24, 2010


Things that make me feel dumb:

1. I usually can't put the kids' new toys together because the directions look undecipherable to me. The little diagrams make my eyes glaze over. I half-heartedly try and then totally give up. Happens nearly every time, most recently with new Hot Wheels tracks.

2. I don't know what a vanilla latte is. However, I order it from Starbucks, and I like how it tastes. Come to think of it, I don't know what any of the drinks are at Starbucks if they involve any words other than coffee or tea.

3. I can't reverse directions. When going to a new place, it takes all my concentration to figure out how to retrace my way home. Sometimes I resort to writing out a second set of directions on how to get back home just so I don't have to make split-second, and often wrong, decisions about whether to turn left or right.

4. I never took any math higher than the most basic algebra and geometry. Of those, I remember about .05% of what I learned. My ACT math score was half what I made in the other 3 subjects. Half.

5. I barely know where any countries other than the US, Canada, and Mexico are. There's a handful, of course, that I not only recognize their names but have some idea of where they are located. But not many. I hate being the typical geographically challenged American. Of all the things that make me feel dumb, this is the one I most want to change. It might be the only one I actually have a shot at changing, too.

Should I list the things that make me feel smart? Or is it too braggy?


Brooke said...

About #5. I played a game on facebook against my brother called geo-challenge. I learned all about landmarks, flags, and locations of places. We've since moved onto another game to support our competitive nature, but I learned a lot!

Brandy said...

I'm right there with you on the geography knowledge, or lack thereof! It only makes is worse that my son can label a blank map of just about the entire world! You'd think I would have learned something from him in the last few years but nothing seems to stick.

BTW--those hot wheels tracks are a booger!