Monday, January 25, 2010

Root Canal Frustration

This may not make any sense. I am having a difficult time explaining to myself or anyone else what I am thinking about this root canal I had planned for Wed. morning. I use the word "had" because I just called and canceled my appointment. I feel like I am going crazy. I have some pain, sometimes in my mouth seemingly near a certain tooth. But, I am not sure how bad the pain is, or when it happens, or what it is caused by, or anything about it. I am not sure if my tooth just feels weak when I chew with it, or if there is actual pain. I know there is some pain when I drink cold water, but not lingering pain. I have never been so unable to monitor my own body, or make a decision about how my body feels. I know something isn't quite right, but I don't know what is wrong or the best way to fix it. And I honestly felt like I was rushing into a root canal that might possibly be unnecessary. I am so confused and frustrated right now. I don't want to put off a needed thing, but I don't want to have a root canal unless I really need it.

The thing is, I know the tooth needs a crown. It has a huge old filling that has deteriorated and is weak. I've got to get that fixed. But I can't put a crown on until I figure out this root canal thing. If I do need a root canal then I better get it done first. That is why this is so frustrating for me. I feel like there is a time pressure.

How does a person know that they need a root canal if they aren't in excruciating pain?


Carol said...

You don't have to necessarily be in excruciating pain to need a root canal. Just the term is giving you anxiety I know. I have had several and they are no more traumatic than the prep work for a crown. Less, I think because a crown involves all the grinding down of the tooth for the crown itself. Google the term and learn more about it. And go get another opinion if you are unsure you need one. If it gets to hurting enough, you will gladly walk in and sit in that chair!

Brooke said...

I say get a second opinion. I've been very pleased with my dentist and my mom, a retired hygienist, says his prices are very reasonable. Let me know if you want his info.

belinda said...

I've had several crowns but have never had a root canal. They don't necessarily go hand-in-hand although some dentists seem to act like they do. I'm with Brooke - get a 2nd opinion.