Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hummus or Bust

I am slowly but surely gathering the THREE ingredients I need to make a beautiful, delicious hummus snack for myself. This all started when I received my Food and Wine magazine last Saturday. Among the many tasty-looking recipes was a simple hummus recipe and several ideas on how to use hummus in cooking. That must have gotten my cravings started, and they have slowly grown since then. By yesterday, I could no longer contain my desire for hummus.
So I searched the shelves of Target for tahini (a sesame seed paste), pita chips, and chickpeas. I only found chickpeas. Well, truthfully, I did see pita chips, but they were too outrageously expensive for me to buy in good conscience. No big deal, I thought. I will stop by the Indian market later. So this morning, I drove by the Taj Mahal Imports store only to see it opens later in the day! Sheesh. On to Walmart I went to pick up a photo for Ava. While there I looked for tahini (I know, why did I bother?) and pita chips. I found the chips! So now all I lack is the tahini which I will most likely go buy later this afternoon. Then, I can finally make my long-awaited snack. It better be good after all the trouble and time I've spent.

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