Thursday, April 15, 2010

Never Let You Go

I sped through the book Never Let You Go by Erin Healy in about 24 hours. I was a bit unsure about it as I began to read, but it pulled me in quickly and became quite the page turner. Not since This Present Darkness has an author done so well in pointing the imagination toward what unseen spiritual warfare could be like all around us. Main character Lexi Solomon has been through so many difficult things that have left her clinging to a bit of trust in God but mostly to the love she has for her young daughter. Suddenly forces are at work in her life, bringing trouble from all sides, trying to destroy what little hope/love she has left in her life. The reader sees the entire picture, how demonic and angelic forces are battling over human lives. But the main story is the human interactions. I saw a bit of myself in each character: the bitterness Lexi holds in her heart, the self-doubt and guilt her husband feels, even the childlike innocence of the young daughter resonated with me. I saw how each of those human emotions could be used and abused for good or evil purposes. The book did leave a few loose ends, so it isn't perfect. But I was willing to overlook that because of the impact the book had on me spiritually. It was definitely worth the read.

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Jenni said...

sounds good! do you own it? if so, I'd love to borrow!