Monday, April 12, 2010


Cody and I had been talking about getting a Wii for about a solid two years before I finally just broke down and bought one for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. And though it was technically his birthday present, it's the kids that have embraced it with love and adoration. It's just a fun thing to do, and I enjoy watching them play. I can't believe how good they are at it. Lucas has an awesome tennis swing. What 3 year old can keep a rally going for 6-8 times? Nate pretty much excels at every single game. I'm always looking up in shock as he blows my records out of the water. Ava isn't quite as into it, or quite as good at it (alas, I think she takes after me in that regard.)

Already, we've been discussing how to set limits on the gaming so we don't spend beautiful spring and summer days wasting away inside playing Wii all day. It's all about balance, I guess. But I am glad we went ahead and got one. Now we just need to get a few more games. Does anyone have recommendations for great family/kids' games?


carrie said...

We have had the Wii for 4 years and so we have quite a collection of games. We made some big mistakes early on in purchasing games. At $50 a game, that was a costly mistake. We now go to Blockbuster and rent the games before we purchase them to make sure he likes them and can do them. Our favorites are : Mario Party, The New Super Mario, and the Wii Fit and Active (1 and 2). The last 2 have games that are sports oriented and are good for developing core muscles. We enjoy them.

Quad Squad! said...

Did you know you can watch Netflix instantly on your Wii!!!!! It's a new development. You have to go online and order a free disc to go in the Wii. It rocks!