Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Baby

I've given my fair share of hand-me-down baby clothes to friends and family over the years. Most recently, about a year ago, I found a treasure trove of Ava's old baby clothes and passed them along to a friend. And today, when I saw my friend and her sweet 11 month old girl, wouldn't you know that baby girl was wearing one of Ava's cutest little dresses. Suddenly there was a wave of emotion sweeping over me. I felt it in slow motion, as every nerve ending began to tickle. As I continued the conversation with those around me, my inner dialogue was "This is really affecting me. There is something about this causing my eyes to well up. I am not sure, but I think I might..." and then I burst into tears.

My sweet 7 year old first grader Ava gave her first school presentation today. She rides her bike, helps bake cookies, spends the night at friend's houses, writes stories, dances short, she is growing up! She is so far beyond babyhood, but that dress brought it all rushing back to me in an instant. She wore that dress, which fell down around her chubby thighs rippled with baby fat. There were a few wisps of curls at the back of her head. She was learning how to walk, taking her first shaky steps. I could almost smell the scent of baby wash on her soft head.

I don't think they were tears of sorrow. They weren't exactly tears of joy either. I think they were a recognition that those were precious times and that life is moving fast. And it was a tiny reminder to enjoy this stage of life while we're here because if 7 years can pass so quickly, so can 7 more.

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belinda said...

and it does! my "baby boy" will be 33 this year! i still see him on his first day of kindergarten . . . enjoy your time now with Ava (and the boys too!) - it will be gone too quickly.