Thursday, April 22, 2010


Good news, folks! When I run my first 5K ever in about 2 weeks, I am going to finish in less than 40 minutes. That's not a record time by any means, but I am so excited about the progress I have been making as I continue to run about 3 times a week. Because I track my runs with that runkeeper app on Iphone, I can easily compare times and see how my average mile per minute pace is steadily decreasing.

Look at this comparison of runs that were a similar distance:

April 5, 2.83 miles, average pace 14.49 minutes per mile
April 9, 3.02 miles, average pace 14.33 minutes per mile
April 16, 2.97 miles, average pace 13.30 minutes per mile
April 21, 3.07 miles, average pace 12.49 minutes per mile

In just over 2 weeks, I've shaved 2 minutes off per mile.
Nothing like a little positive reinforcement to keep me going with this crazy running idea.


Lauren C. said...

Good job!!!

The Powells said...

That's so rewarding to see your progress!