Thursday, May 27, 2010

Man at Pedi

On my last day of freedom (the kids' last day of preschool before summer break) I went for a pedicure. It's one of my greatest pleasures now that I have found the most awesome nails place ever. (Thanks, Karen!) They really pamper with lots of leg massage and the price can't be beat.

I was sitting there relaxing with my book, enjoying the chair massage, when into the store walked a man who had to be in his 80's. He was wanting a pedicure so they seated him in the chair next to mine. I glanced over and saw that his toenails were like talons! I have never seen such long, yellow, thick nails before in my life. I overheard him say he had never done this before. I was so curious. What makes a man in his 80's decide to walk into a nail salon and get a pedicure for the first time in his life?

Alas, things didn't seem to go very well for him or the young lady working on his feet. To her discredit, she would not look at him or speak to him at all. He winced in pain several times and she did not even acknowledge it. She did have her work cut out for her though, so I felt bad that she had to attack those nails and make some sense out of them. At one point he turned to the girl working on my feet to ask her to tell the girl working on him (in her own language) that he had broken his foot recently and it was very sore. Apparently 80 year old men who have no knowledge of pedicures don't think ahead about how a broken foot might affect their experience. I thought he must be having an awful time, but a few minutes later a woman came by and asked how he was doing and he said this was spoiling him!

It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen. I wish I had struck up a conversation with him and found out more about it. But, I also just wanted to read my book and relax, so I don't feel too bad about the missed opportunity. I bet those nail salon girls have been talking about him though.


Jenni said...

where do you go? I'm not much of a pedicure gal (mostly b/c my toenails grow funny), but I do enjoy an occasional manicure

Quad Squad! said...

Oddly, I've had a conversation with my mom about old men getting pedicures, and she said a lot of old men, who would never have considered a pedi in their younger days, get them because they simply can't take care of it themselves anymore. Your eyesight gets bad or it gets hard to bend over and reach your feet or arthritis makes it hard to work the little clippers. I can remember my mom clipping my grandmother's toenails for her because she couldn't. If you don't ahave a spouse or child to do it for you, a nail salon is all you've got. I hope that man really did feel spoiled!