Friday, May 28, 2010


Sometimes it feels like all my boys do is bicker, compete, and fuss with each other. So when those special, sweet moments of kindness happen between them, I almost get weepy. Today we were leaving a birthday party. Each boy had a helium balloon in hand, and I had warned Lucas over and over to not let go! I really thought he could make it the 20 feet from the door of the house to the car where I planned to take it from him as he climbed in to get buckled. I was wrong. He turned loose of the thing and immediately started wailing. I was frustrated that he had let go. But Nate's first response was to say some nice calming words to Lucas and run back to the house to ask for another balloon for him. He came back and handed it to Lucas while saying, "It's ok, Lucas. See, I got you another balloon." Then he and Lucas began talking about where the balloon might have gone, and Lucas said he thought it had gone to Heaven. So Nate starts improvising this adorable little song using the phrase "God likes it when he gets balloons." And soon both of them are singing and smiling and just having a grand old time.

And I am driving along wishing I could bottle this moment somehow so the next time they are whining and at each other's throats I can uncork it and toss it in their faces.

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