Monday, June 7, 2010

Boys' Book Review

God's Promises for Boys by Jack Countryman and Amy Parker

This is a thin little book that packs a pretty big punch. Every 2 pages cover a different "promise" from God about every topic under the sun. Say your son is feeling angry about can look up "God's promises when you are angry" and turn to that page. There is a cutesy little 4 line poem about anger followed by 3-4 Bible verses that specifically talk about anger. I like the concept a lot. Sometimes the verses are right on and helpful, and sometimes they are a bit of a stretch to apply to the topic. It's definitely a good starting place to launch a conversation with your child about how they are feeling, what God says about things, and how to deal with situations that arise in life in a Godly way. My 2 boys fine it interesting enough, though it's really up to me to remember to use it as a teaching tool.

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