Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I (Heart) NY

Just got home after spending 4 wonderful days in New York City. I had never been before, and I think my brain is on overload trying to process all the things we experienced there. My blogs are going to be New York themed for some time because there is so much to share. I could list what we did in a boring travel itinerary style format. However, I'd prefer to share several impressions, much like the impressionistic artwork I was viewing at the Met this morning. I have all these ideas and emotions bouncing around inside my mind. Some of these impressions may be the details of a particular event or meal we enjoyed, and some might be far out tangents only loosely related to a NY event.

I just want to share some of the things that impacted me over the past 4 days in small, easy to digest pieces. And I want to be able to jump all over the place as I think about things and not have to worry about getting it in order.

So, the first thing I'll talk about is the microscopic size of our hotel room.
I knew hotel rooms in NY are small. I knew that the room I booked was going to be even tinier than most. But really, one can't comprehend staying in a room that is literally 8 by 10 feet until it happens. There was a full bed with about 2 feet of space on each side of it (except for the head, of course, which was against the wall.) There was a small bathroom attached to our sleeping quarters, and a wall mounted flat screen t.v. which was about the only possibility for a tv in that space. I really didn't mind that the room was so small. We spent hardly any non-sleeping time in it. (And the bed was soooo comfortable, I'll give them that. Perfect mattress and luxurious bedding.) It was just an odd thing to be confined in such a small area and I did get hit by the door a few times.

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