Monday, August 9, 2010

Serious News

I was perusing the usatoday website as I occasionally do when I want to catch up on the news. Featured on their front page was a news story about a "legless cat." Must be a slow news day.

Before I even played the video I was thinking, I bet this happened in the South. Sure enough, one can tell by the accent right away and it is later confirmed to be Alabama. Only Southerners would be crazy enough to find a cat that needs all 4 legs amputated and actually go through with that operation rather than put the poor thing to sleep. The cat was electrocuted for crying out loud. But even though she can barely walk, she's a "good kitty."

1 comment:

Quad Squad! said...

Seems to me someone we know had a legless cat of her own...hmmm...granted, not ALL of her legs were missing, but still.