Friday, April 22, 2011

Reflections on Easter

There's an emptiness in me,
A cold dark feeling of despair.
As I trudge through sin and death,
Holding burdens I'm not strong enough to bear.
My heart knows only bitterness and fears,
Crying constantly with lost and lonely tears.
I'm familiar with the coldness of the grave,
and I feel like there is nothing left to save...

But then Love and Mercy have their say,
and they roll the heavy stone away.
Suddenly a blinding, dazzling light,
streams steadily into my darkest night.
I am wrapped in holiness and peace,
the burdens of my soul can be released.
What was withered now is free to bloom,
Jesus filled my emptiness with Life,
the power of His empty tomb.

1 comment:

Lynn Leaming said...

Did you write this Becky?? Such sweet and powerful words!! Have a wonderful Easter celebration!!