Friday, May 13, 2011

The Search

I unknowingly sent Cody on a beer search adventure this week. I had told him about this new summer flavor of Shiner Bock called Ruby Redbird. It has a grapefruit and ginger flavor that sounded so interesting to me when I read about it in some magazine. So Cody, being the sweet husband he is, wanted to buy me a six pack to try.

Unfortunately, the first store he looked at did not have it. But he saw a lemonade flavored Leinenkugel called Summer Shandy that he thought I might like to try. So, he bought that instead and figured he would look for Ruby Redbird later.

The next day he was determined to find Ruby Redbird, but the first place he looked again did not carry it. He did see this intriguing cherry wheat ale though that he thought I might like, so he got that instead. He headed to the next store that he thought would have Ruby Redbird...
but they didn't carry it either! He happened to spot this grapefruit flavored German beer, however, so he went ahead and got it instead just in case he couldn't find Ruby Redbird. Then he decided to save himself even more driving around and looked up on the internet advice on where to find this elusive seasonal brand of Shiner. Turns out Kroger is the most likely store to have it. So he called Kroger before driving over...
and they had it! So he was finally able to purchase the beer I had wanted to try. But our fridge is now full of all these six packs of assorted beers. I barely had room to fit them all in!

So...I guess that means the party is at our house! And it also means I have a really thoughtful husband whom I truly appreciate. Thanks, honey!

P.S. Turns out the Ruby Redbird IS delicious...worth all the trouble of finding it. The Summer Shandy is so-so...not a favorite for me as I find that lemonade and beer don't really mix that well, the German Seeradler has a much stronger grapefruit flavor than Shiner's and is more of a "chick beer" like a Mike's hard raspberry lemonade or something, and I have yet to try the cherry wheat because I don't just sit around drinking beer all day, people.

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becca said...

Laughing... I bought some Rubyred this spring (Central Market I believe) and Todd was suspicious of it. Turned out we both LOVED it and we ended up buying a case of it at Costco (I think...or was it Sam's). Either way, it is a great summer beer. I'm not a big fan of the Summer Shandy either although I do like other varieties of Lieinies. Our latest is find is buying Newcastle Brown in a little keg. I think it's about 25 "pours" and you can buy them at the Keg store in Plano. It tastes so much better than out of the bottle!