Monday, June 13, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

A few fun things I did (some on my own, some with Cody) during this fabulous anniversary weekend:

Visit the Dallas Farmer's Market- I had forgotten how much I love walking down the isles, taking in the colors, shapes, textures, scents of beautiful fresh food. I didn't have much cash on me which is a good thing because I would have bought way more than we can eat. I ate lots of free samples and want to go back for some cantaloupe, huge jalapenos that looked perfect for stuffing and baking, okra, heirloom tomatoes, and peppers. I want to take the kids, give them each $5, and say go buy whatever you want. I'd love to see what they choose.

See a Movie (Pirates of the Caribbean)- Cody and I rarely see movies in the theater. We have seen all of this particular series though, and figured we should keep the streak alive. It wasn't really that great of a movie, but I do like the theater experience and I like sitting next to Cody. Can anyone tell me what happened to the missionary and the mermaid because that seemed to be left unanswered.

Run/Walk Around White Rock Lake- It's no Central Park, but it's pretty, and seeing all the other people exercising tends to motivate me. Cody and I enjoyed a nice 4 mile run/walk at a pace that allowed for plenty of conversation. It was a great way to spend a morning together.

Eat at Cafe Brazil- How I've lived in this town 10 years and never eaten brunch at Cafe Brazil is beyond me. What an amazing coffee bar! And the french toast covered in raspberry sauce and fresh fruit...delicious! Cody ordered the spinach crepes and they were delicious, too! We plan on going back soon.

Two and a Half Hour Pampering at the Grand Spa- I cashed in my mother's day gift certificate and had a relaxing afternoon getting massaged, pedicured, and styled before an evening dinner date with Cody. I don't get massages very often, so this one was like water in the desert. The masseuse was great. He had a lot of therapeutic training and had worked on athletes, so he was able to work on my IT bands and get a lot of soreness out of some muscles.

Dinner at Nick and Sam's- ranked as the number 2 steakhouse in Dallas in a recent D Magazine, it lived up to every expectation. Actually, it exceeded my expectations. It might have been the best dinner out I have ever enjoyed. In fact, it's an entire blog post of its own...coming soon!

Watch the Mavs Win the Championship- perfect ending to a perfect anniversary weekend. We got to cuddle up on the couch (when I wasn't jumping up screaming at the TV) and see history being made.

I enjoyed relaxing and being with Cody all weekend. It was great to have a break from the kids and get to do some fun things together. It didn't really matter what we were doing, just the fact that we were together made it special time.

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Rachel said...

Fun weekend! Glad you finally made it to Cafe Brazil. Can't wait to hear more about Nick & Sam's.