Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Love

When I was about to marry Cody 13 years ago, a college professor I respected told me, how exactly he put it I can't recall, but he basically said that "new" love was not even close to the strength or depth of "old" love. He either implied or directly stated that my love for Cody would be stronger after 25 years of marriage than it was now. I was slightly offended. We all know just how strong love seems when we first fall into it and decide to marry. I couldn't imagine greater love, and how dare anyone imply that my love was not as strong as it possibly could be.

Now, of course, I realize what he was saying is true. When you walk through the highs and lows of life with a person, it will either drive a couple apart or bring them into a deeper love for each other with every passing year. As life has happened to us, our love has been tested and found to be as precious and valuable as gold. Cody has shown that he is an amazing father to our children, compassionate and forgiving to me when I fail, committed to me in the best and worst times, and that kind of love is priceless. Love that sticks it out and continues to find new joy and new life may not be the bonfire it was when it began, but the glowing embers that last and last...providing warmth and comfort and sustaining the life of the fire.

If our love has deepened this much over 13 years, then I look forward to seeing it at 25 years. Love that perseveres in the midst of challenges and suffering is "old" love. And it's far more beautiful than new love.


Rachel said...

I think you can see this plainly when you spend time with those who have been married for a long time. I know that I see it when I spend time with our grandparents. They've experienced so much together and it shows. And it is beautiful.

belinda said...

ENJOY every moment! we never know what the future holds . . . congrats on 13 years!

Lauren C. said...

Beautifully said. Happy Anniversary!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful and very wise words. Thank you for sharing. Love truly does grow deeper every year with every experience and every forgiveness. It is a beautiful thing. Love you, my friend.