Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Bubbles

The kids went to a special bubble program at the library last weekend and couldn't wait to try making bubbles at home. These are the old fashioned kind...made from water and dishwashing liquid. The bubble lady gave out papers with the bubble recipe and instructions for making her favorite bubble wand out of drinking straws and yarn.

You can make bubbles, too! Mix 1 cup dishwashing soap into 10 cups tap water. Non-Ultra Joy or Non-Ultra Ivory work best. To make a large wand thread yarn through 2 non-flexible straws and make a knot. Hide the knot inside one of the straws. Arrange the straws to make a rectangle. The top and bottom yarn sections should be 14" long or less.

This bubble solution kept the kids busy and happy for a solid hour yesterday morning and they can't wait to do it again today! It does make a bit of a mess, but they played with it outside and cleaned up easily enough.


Rachel said...

Cool! Looks like fun!

Lynn Leaming said...

Wow!! Those are some big bubbles!!!